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We tried the SMEP and it worked first time! We were ttc for 7 months before trying this. We BD’d for 3 days from positive OPK but we didnt bother to skip a day and give it one more go due to DH’s work and I was taking my temps so I new I had well and truly passed ovulation.

I’m so excited that I finally got my BFP and really recommend giving SMEP a go! 🙂



After seven months of tcc, using opk and bbt, finally I had my BFP just in the first month we try the SMEP!!

I’m so happy! I recomend this “method” for all!!


I just want to say that after losing our first pregnancy due to a missed miscarriage we were desperate to get pregnant again As soon as possible. We followed smep to the letter for one month and just got our bfp yesterday!!!! I’m a believer! ;-)))


I had a miscarriage 6 months ago, and was feeling like i would never get pregnant again. The first month we tried smep, we didnt follow it exactly. After reading some smep reviews, we tried to follow the plan more closely. Two months later i got my BFP!!!!! So happy we stuck to it!!


I followed the SMEP plan step by step and used Wondfo OPK strips we got on Amazon. I also used the Kindara app so that I could track everything and have easy access to it. My husband and I got pregnant on our first month of trying SMEP and now I am 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I was skeptical at first because I know so many people who struggled and took months/years to conceive but this really worked for us. I have told all my friends about it!


We followed the smep to the letter and it worked first time!! We had previously been trying for 4 months since our miscarriage, I ovulated much later than day 14 even though my CM indicated I was ovulating on day 14.

Our much wanted baby is due January 2nd 🙂


I never leave reviews. But this one deserves one! I couldn’t believe it, but after two of my friends got pregnant first try I had to try it myself. And voila. First time! Thank you so much I couldn’t be happier!!!


THIS PLAN WORKED!!! A little background. I am 27 and I have two children 10 & 8 from a previous marriage. I started TTC March 2013. Finally got a BFP in September 2013 only to have a mmc in October at 10 weeks. I had to have a D&C and told myself I would give it one more try. Truly thought it would happen right away being that you’re supposedly “more fertile” after a miscarriage. Said I wasn’t going to stress and whatever happened happened. Fast forward to March 2014 and AF showed up as usual, on day 34 of my cycle. I set a deadline for myself and said that I was going to really “try” on last month before calling it quits. I read about this plan, went and bought a clear blue digital ovulation kit, and was ready to go. I had no clue if I was even ovulating and no idea when since my cycles were about 34-35 days since the D & C. Started testing on day 10 and finally got a positive ovulation on CD18. We had sex that day, day 19, day 20, skipped a day and had sex day 22. Figured we had given it our all and continued to have sex every other day “just in case”. Low and behold, yesterday (11dpo) I got my positive!!! I could not be happier! I would recommend this to anyone who has had trouble. I would have tried this from the beginning if I would have known about it! Now just praying for a healthy and happy 9 months! Good luck ladies!


We did it!

This last month was the second time we tried the SMEP. This time we followed the plan to the letter. It was our last try before my scheduled laparoscopy in April. Well… I got my very first positive HPT this week at just 11 days past ovulation. And another positive HPT today. I can’t believe it! THANK GOD! Now we’re just praying for a healthy full term pregnancy. I’d recommend the SMEP to anyone.


We were trying for a long, long time. We were about to start all the medically assisted stuff. I never thought I would want to do that, but I was so discouraged. Then I found SMEP. We added baby aspirin and cough syrup to our regimen.

First month, and, voila! Now I’m almost eight weeks and feeling wonderfully tired, nauseated and bloated. My fingers and toes are crossed that this little bean sticks.

So very grateful, thank you!!


Someone told me about this method on the What to Expect App and so I thought we could give it a shot. It was our first month trying and couldn’t believe it worked so fast! I am so excited to be due November 1st. I used the FRER digital OPK test and worked like a charm. I attempted to track my temps on Fertility Friend app, but this method was so much easier. Thanks for sharing!!


We used this method in August, the first month we decided to start TTC. Lo and behold, I took a pregnancy test a day or two before my expected period and got my BFP – couldn’t believe it only took one month! We were gearing up for the long haul.


We tried SMEP and got pregnant in two months!!! I chose to use the plan because it wasn’t stressful at all… And it totally worked!!! I am due 8/11/15 and we are so excited!!!


We just tried the SMEP this past month. Bought the Wondfo opks and hpts from Amazon. Worked perfectly. Got my BFP 15dpo and confirmed with a First Response Early Result.


My husband and I have been ttc for more than a year now and in the last few months our Dr suggested we go for IVF. So a friend suggested we try SMEP. We thought ok….first time, didn’t quite manage the BD days right. Then last month when we had decided to go for IVF we thought, one last hurrah. We followed the plan to a T. Lo and behold….BFP!!!!!! Our Dr couldn’t believe we did it on our own..,,thanks to SMEP we are going to have our bundle of joy…we are now 5w4d!
Baby dust to everyone trying…just keep at it!


After two months of trying, I decided to ease up on the daily sex and try the smep. Worked on the first month trying using every other day sex and also mixing up positions! So happy!!


Hi! We has been TTC for 8 months using a fertility monitor. We decided to stop using the monitor and try the SMEP plan as I had only just discovered it, I’m pleased to say it worked first time and I’m now 13 weeks pregnant! I totally believe it was this plan that helped us get pregnant! Thanks so much!


It work omg it worked. I had ivf an it was failure an we also had tubal reversal last january an we have been trying almost a year . Not results no luck. An I am proud to say we are Pregnant an due June 05,2014..I have past on this to several lady freinds. Thank you from the bottom of are hearts…


After trying for a baby for 13 months we fibally found out we got our BFP! Sadly at 7weeks we suffered a MMC. We wanted to try again right away. We lost our angel on 9/7/12 started using SMEP and got our next BFP 10/30/12! 9 months later our rainbow joined our family!


Yes, this plan help me get pregnant, after 3 years of ttc, was not able to get pregnant and came across this plan first time I tried it religiously got pregnant and now we are blessed with a baby boy.


I heard about SMEP from a period tracker app that I have been using since delivering my stillborn daughter in November of 2012. I had always had irregular periods so I of course was fearful that I would have to wait for months for my cycle to start again. On January 24th I was ecstatic that I started bleeding again. I immediately downloaded the app (recommended by a friend) and started tracking. The social function exposed me to a world of women who had been experiencing so many of the feelings I had been having. I read about SMEP and decided to give it a try. I ovulated 8 days later than I was supposed to… Those days testing and getting a negative test were killer.

This last week I have been experiencing symptoms that I either talked myself out of or attributed to something else altogether. I was afraid to test thinking that even if I was pregnant if would probably be too early to tell. I was resigned to waiting until Saturday am since this would be 15 days after my OPK was positive (the day SMEP says to test). This morning (one day early, I know!) after hubby left the room to get breakfast I decided to just take a HPT with the understanding that if it wasn’t positive it was probably just early and if AF didn’t show I could test again in a week. As that strip was turning pink I kept thinking its gonna be super faint. I’m going to have to really squint to see it but even a faint line is positive. Well guess what? As clear as day it was positive!

I can honestly say that SMEP worked like a charm. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You have made my dreams come true!