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    After two miscarriages followed by a period of trouble conceiving again I came across the SMEP. The first month of implementing this approach we conceived. I firmly believe it was thanks to this method that my 9 month old daughter is here today and tickling my feet as I write this. 🙂 Forever grateful & wishing everyone well on their journey x


    I got pregnant straight away with my first child in 2015. At the start of 2019 I got got pregnant the first time we tried for baby number 2 but had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Both times I got pregnant we’d only had sex once or twice around ovulation. At age 41 and after 20 months of trying, having sex every second day through the week of ovulation (I tracked my ovulation the whole time and have many signs of ovulation too so I know we were bang on for timing). I was feeling very miserable and I finally convinced my husband to do IVF and got us booked in. Then my friend who also has a 5 year old, has had a miscarriage and has been trying for 8 months read about SMEP. We both tried it (and followed the plan exactly) last month and have both gotten pregnant! Only very early days but can’t believe it! Very pleased to be adding our stories to this page :)) I know that having SMEP and IVF up my sleeve helped me to enjoy the last round of trying and I definitely relaxed about it all, but essentially – more sex on the right days feels like the answer! Thank you so much SMEP I will be spreading the word!


    So happy didn’t think it would actually work for the first time.
    We are pregnant! After our miscarriage in April 2020 and 5 months of trying, I got a positive OPK on Oct 13 and took a home pregnancy test early on Oct 27. Followed SMEP step by step, and here we are! Baby is due on July 10,2021. Thank you SMEP!


    Ahhh after some research on google and even peer reviewed journals, a not so romantic conversation with my husband, we decided to give it a try. I have a 30-31 day cycle and with calendar tracking and CM tracking I discovered I typically ovulate cycle day 17-19. We started BD every other day from CD 12 ( I was out of town with out my husband prior). CD 17 I got a peak with Clear blue digital OPK and I got a peak with easy @home on the CD 18 so we BD CD 16,17,18. And then once more CD 20. I got a BFP CD 29 one to two days before my missed period. Praying this sticks. I do think SMEP really helped.


    After TTC for two years and three failed IVF attempts, I can finally say I AM PREGNANT!

    I came across SMEP and at first I was sceptical, but I decided to give it a go as we have nothing to lose. I’m so glad we gave it a try, because it worked first time for us!

    I have used a period tracking app for years, but after doing SMEP I realised the app gets my ovulation/fertile dates wrong. The OPKS showed I ovulate much earlier that the app implied.

    I am so grateful I came across this plan and would definitely recommend this to anyone TTC!


    Nearing 40yrs. old, my husband and I had experienced a miscarriage and 29 week stillbirth. During the 10th month of trying again we decided to take a weekend vacation and try the part of the SMEP adjusted for men over 35. It worked!! Thankful and Happy to report our rainbow baby was born in June 2020! 😃


    We TTC in October 2019 just tracking temperatures and were unsuccessful. Decided to try SMEP in November – followed the full instructions and fell pregnant that same month. We’re now 1.5 weeks until baby girls due date and would absolutely use this method again when we’re ready to try for the next.


    After a miscarriage and unsuccessful months following, I was feeling down and a bit hopeless. I had relied on my basal body temperature and Natural Cycles app, which was a bit screwed up due to the miscarriage (I think!). By following the easy SME plan (husband was very willing!), I’ve just had my positive test result! I would recommend this to anyone who just wants a bit more guidance when trying for a baby, as you feel like you’re ‘doing it’ at appropriate times, with assurance from your OPK too! Thanks SMEP, hopefully this time will be the one!


    This definitely works…and first time!!
    We were trying for 18 months for our first baby, and nothing was happening. Myself and my husband are both 34, and got all the tests done and no real alarm bells. We had a referral for an IVF clinic to get some assistance, until I randomly spoke to a girl during a hair appointment and she told me about this plan. We tried it and fell pregnant the first month!!! Could not believe it, we are so thrilled. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and due in December. We can’t wait! Thank you SMEP! 🙂


    I have had stage 3 endometriosis since I was 15 years old and my doctor told me then that it was going to be close to impossible for me to ever have children naturally.

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and finally made the appointment with a fertility specialist to talk about IVF after my doctor referred us.

    We tried the SMEP method as a last ditch effort, and we got pregnant. One cycle of trying SMEP and it worked when nothing else would. I’m currently 8 weeks and going in for my first ultrasound soon. I am due January 18, 2021.


    I can’t believe I got my BFP this morning!!! At 10 dpo!!! First month using this plan, but fifth month trying!! Followed this plan exactly as recommended. I am 36 years old! I also used pre-seed and foowed dietary advice from the book ‘getting pregnant fast’ and the ‘TCOYF’. I will be checking again tomorrow morning to make sure this is all real!!!!!


    My husband and I were so elated to discover we were pregnant in Aug. 2019. However, it all came crashing down when we endured an ectopic pregnancy and surgery in Sept. 2019 at 8 weeks. I had a FemVue procedure in Dec. 2019, and we got the green light to continue trying for our first baby after we learned both of my tubes were now clear. We discovered and tried SMEP our third cycle, and I had my longest luteal phase yet (13 days). That very next cycle of SMEP, I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow at 12 DPO in March 2020! I’m now 13 weeks along with a little girl and due November 2020. We recommend SMEP to anyone who needs help in conceiving. We are so grateful!


    With SMEP I got pregnant on first try with my first kid and on second try with second kid. It works.


    I used this to conceive after a miscarriage last year. It took up several months of healing and getting emotionally ready before we could TTC on a SMEP schedule. The first month we followed the plan (omitting the final try) and used our preferred lube. The second month we used Preseed and we again followed SMEP but omitted the last try. Ten days after ovulation, I got my BFP! I really appreciate this forum! Good luck and hang in there to everyone!


    It works !
    My first pregnancy happened right away but the second wasn’t that easy.
    After almost three 1 year trying we finally got pregnant with SMEP.
    It only took us 2 cycles, the first one I think we missed the Ovulation date because I didn’t master the Opks, but the second cycle I followed SMEP and now we have a beautiful baby boy 3 months old.
    Thank you soooo much


    After 2 years TTC we tried the SMEP 1st month we fell pregnant ended up a CP. 2nd month TTC with SMEP we fell pregnant again and this time it’s solid. Cannot thank the creators of this plan enough. This clearly works !!!!



    On our 6th month of trying to conceive, we took advice from two other friends and gave the SMEP method a try! To my complete shock, it worked. I tested on my 15th day past ovulation, 4 days before my missed period, and it showed a positive result. I couldn’t believe it so I tested every single day until that Friday; until I really missed my period. I am now 13 weeks pregnant, the start of my second trimester. I would urge anyone out there TTC to give this method a shot! It is not strenuous in the slightest, very very manageable. I believe we even missed the 3rd day in a row after ovulation, but made up for it by trying again that 4th day after, to be sure. I have been waiting weeks to share my story, and I hope it inspires someone out there to try it on their next month.


    We were ttc for over 1.5 yr with 1 mmc and 1 chemical pregnancy. Then I read online about this plan and bam 2nd month of try we conceived and now I have a beautiful 2 months old daughter.
    Please do try this plan whoever is ttc. Make sure both of you understands the plan and are in happy place to follow it and ensure the important days are covered.
    Thank you for this plan. 🙏🏻


    It worked! After TTC for only two months prior to trying SMEP, we are expecting our sweet babe after the first try! I was skeptical and did not expect it to work, and for reference, my cycles are regular and reliable. I didn’t follow it quite perfectly because I only learned about it on cycle day 9 or 10, but followed it as soon as I learned about it. Give it a try!


    After 2 miscarriages we started trying again and 8 months after the second miscarriage we were about to go in for testing. My doctor gave us the referrals but also suggested the use of OPK’s. I found the SMEP website and on the second try we got pregnant. We didn’t even expect it bc we were both sick with a cold and missed a day or two but it worked ! Our son is about to turn 1 and we’re trying the SMEP for baby #2.


    We tried for 4 months without success. We weren’t using OPKs or taking temperature but we were BDing when we needed to though. I decided that I wanted to try something different : got an OPK and did the SMEP plan and – bam – it worked straight away!


    I had a miscarriage at the end of December 2019. We decided to wait one cycle and try again. I researched loads during the first cycle, just to have the feeling that I was doing something productive, this is when I came across the SMEP. I decided to give it a go or first month trying to conceive, amazingly I am now pregnant! Keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome this time!


    After a miscarriage in September, we tried the SMEP and it has worked first time. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and hoping for a successful and healthy pregnancy.


    I’m leaving a review because reading the reviews here gave me so much hope!

    We were trying to conceive for 4 months for our second kid. ( first one was first try, so going 4 months was starting to mess with my head and create stress) was then guided here to try by a friend!

    We followed It to a T except the last one off day. I tested faintly positive 8dpo and confirmed today 9dpo! Such relief!!

    We were loosely tracking before with LH strips but seemed to have just miss the timing of ovulation. We got a little more strict and started doing temperature, cervical position and mucus with SMEP this time!

    It worked for us and so thankful.


    TTC one year after a MMC (that was our third MC). We did SMEP this cycle but only from +OPK as I have veeerrrry long cycles so doing SMEP properly would have knackered us! Anyway. Had sex day of +OPK, then for 2 more days, then a day off, then one more day and hey presto, a BFP! 😁


    We were on our 5th month TTC which might not seem like long but on the 3rd and 4th month we had chemical pregnancies (early miscarriages) so was very disheartening as we fell pregnant with our first son first try. We decided to try the sperm meets egg plan we figured we had nothing to lose and the plan seemed to make perfect sense, we didn’t get a super positive OPK but we went by what was the darkest.
    We came back from our wedding/honeymoon and I was impatiently waiting for when I could test but got a super big fat positive on 9days past ovulation, I used first response and it was REALLY dark I couldn’t believe my eyes! My dates were spot on as well. Our little sperm meets egg plan bubba is a boy who is almost 6 months old! We are so grateful


    I’m 36, my husband is 39. We were ready for a second baby but everyone told us it would take a while at this stage. I got pregnant with our first using this plan almost 3 years ago.

    We decided for our first month of trying to try sort of following this plan but not exactly. Negative. Next month we followed it word for word, putting reminders on each of our phone calendars about testing, sexing and skipping. It worked that month. I am pregnant now. I am writing this because this website helped more than anything and everything else all together. thank you!


    After 6 months of no success I saw this method online and told my husband about it. And we thought we would give it a try. Tried it once and got my positive pregnancy test on Feb 2017. now I have my baby boy who will be 2 years old on October 22. Now we are going to TTC again and will definitely try this method again!!!!! 🙂


    I have tried for years to become pregnant, I just recently heard about the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. We had decided to try it and I am very happy to announce we are FINALLY pregnant! It took 1 month trying this step by step plan.
    So blessed to have heard about the SMEP!!
    Good luck everyone


    After reading the blog and seeing the recommendations for digital ovulation predictor kits the site recommended, I purchased one of them. I used the SMEP for one cycle and that’s all it took!! I’m now 16 weeks pregnant and it’s thanks in large part to SMEP!!


    I had my contraceptive bar removed in January and was naively thinking pregnancy would just happen. Obviously that was not the case. After three months I bought ovulation kits and started timing BD. Still, no joy. I read about the SMEP plan in April and learned so much. The most important thing for me was the info re: having too much sex and not giving the sperm time to replenish. And stopping too early. And also the info re: the impact of antihistamines. I tried the SMEP for the first time in May.. and I’m pregnant!!! Baby dust to all. This is an amazingly informative publication that should be given to every couple TTC. Thank you so much xxx


    Tried TTC for 3 months without success. A friend said about SMEP and at first I was dubious but it looked easy enough and was willing to give anything a go. First cycle using SMEP and I fell pregnant! SMEP made TTC stress free easy to understand and best of all it actually worked! Will definitely be using for the next baby!


    We are pregnant! After our miscarriage in October 2018, an operation to remove one ovary and tube in November 2018, and miscalculated ovulation day according to an app in December 2018, and trying the “sperm meets egg plan” and opk in January 2019, we are pregnant!!!!!! We started testing with opks on CD 8, and baby danced every other day up until the positive opk. We baby danced the day after too. I’m glad I went with this plan because the app I used miscalculated my ovulation day again and we would have missed the egg again! But we didn’t, on 12dpo I got my first positive (in 10 seconds), and we are now 6 weeks pregnant. My BFP was right on time to share the news with my husband on his birthday 4 days later! Baby due October 11, 2019


    Fourth month of trying, first month of SMEP did it!! Took a test today at 14dpo! Followed SMEP to the letter, and here we are! Thank you SMEP!


    I started trying to conceive in September of 2017. I was using opk ‘s, apps on my phone and a basal thermometer. I was having sex every day of my fertile window and then I tried every other day. It wasn’t until I followed the SMEP schedule, that I got pregnant in January 2018. Currently holding my 2-month old as I write this.


    We were only TTC for about 4 months but a friend told me about SMEP and the success she had enjoyed. The first month we tried it and I never got a positive OPK so I was really worried something was wrong with my health (I have very light periods that can be irregular). Second month we followed SMEP to the letter and on CD 14 I had a positive OPK. But my husband was out with his friends 🙂 cue lots of messages begging him to get home so we could BD! We did exactly as the plan prescribes. On CD 37 (anywhere between 4 and 9 days “late” for me) I did a clear blue digital and got a “Pregnant 3+ weeks” result. So a BFP!! Thank you SMEP and this great website for all the info.


    I stumbled across this site and decided to give it a try. My hubby and I used the Sperm Meets Egg Plan and got pregnant on the first try! I followed all the directions and ended up getting a positive pregnancy test 3 days before my missed period. I am now 8 weeks and are so thankful for finding this website! I truly believe it helped us avoid months of trying.


    After a loss in april 2018 we have been trying again.. after 3 months without success a friend told me about SMEP. So this month I got ovulation sticks and a thermometer. With me having such long cycles anyway we dtd every other day started ovulation sticks and temping at 10days and i reached my peak at CD30! We then tried for 3 days in a row and missed a day then tried one last time for luck as SMEP recommends… then 10dpo BFP!!! So happy didnt think it would actually work first time 💜💜💜💜💜 currently 6w2 days so fingers crossed little blip stays strong and healthy this time!
    We also chose to tell close friends and family straight away this time, the support i reieved after my loss is incredible and i want everyone to enjoy our journey again this time and if something awful does happen again our family are there for us.. also no stress trying to keep little blip a secret has instantly made me relax and Enjoy every moment so far!
    Thank you SMEP!!!! 💜


    After trying to get pregnant for numerous month and failing despite using opk’s. I was starting to think it was never going to happen each month i didnt catch i was so upset it stsrted affecting my marriage. After reading about SMEP I told my husband about and we caught the first month. I am so happy!!


    At first I was a bit skeptical of this plan. I’m 32 and trying for my first child. First and second month of ttc went by and in the third cycle I found this plan. Followed it exactly except for one less BD the fifth day after ovulation. What do you know?! I got my BFP today!!!!! This really does work, on the first time trying the plan.


    TTC for 6 months, 22 day cycles, 33 yoa, was getting worried 🙂
    Tried SMEP and !did it! – first time round 🙂
    We are so grateful! 19 weeks pregnant now 🙂
    Thank you and God bless.


    My husband and I were ttc for months with no success at all. We were using opks and Doing everything we could to try and give ourselves the best chance we could each month but it just wasn’t happening for us . Early on I came across the SMEP but to be totally honest I had no faith that it would make any difference at all. However after being unsuccessful and reading reviews we decided to give it a shot!! This plan is absolutely something you have to do perfectly to a tee to give yourself the best chance. My husband and I were totally committed and followed it exactly how it’s written out and to our surprise we received our BFP!! We are so overjoyed and even though it may seem so simple it absolutely worked for us! I recommend it to anyone now who talks about having trouble conceiving because I truly believe That it works!


    Had been trying for nearly 2 years, and once I’d passed my 40th birthday, a bit of despair and desperation started to set in. Heard about SMEP on YouTube, tried it the next month and we followed it religiously. Pregnant first go. So happy and relieved, and it’s saved thousands in IVF. Can’t recommend enough.


    We had been trying since December. I got pregnant in December but miscarried mid-January. We had been trying since February without success. We decided to give this a try in June. We didn’t start when we should have because I usually ovulate late, so we started on CD12. I started checking for ovulation on CD14 (I usually get a positive between CD17-20), but got a surprising positive. We tried again on CD14, 15 and 16 and skipped the last time (the one after skipping a day). I got a faint positive on CD23 and CD24 (8 and 9DPO).


    We tried for 10 months using OPKs but once we followed the SMEP we got pregnant on the first try! Very thankful for the people who shared their stories and I’m honored to now share mine. All the best to you!


    Had been trying for three months, tried SMEP on the fourth cycle and got BFP on 9DPO!


    I felt I needed to write a review to give encouragement to those TTC. My fiancé & I had been trying for about 3 months, I followed a fertility app I had which predicated my ovulation & we were quite laid back with it all to begin with. After not getting caught for a few months a friend suggested the SMEP, 1st month i used OPK clear blue which showed I actually ovulated CD13 which is 4/5 days earlier than the app I was using had predicted…lessened learned, don’t just rely on apps use OPKs to be sure. We didn’t get a positive the first month but we only managed to BD once on CD8 before +OPK. This 2nd month we followed the plan closely, I used pre seed & lay with my legs in the air for 15/20 mins after sex each time we BD. I tested this morning 15 days post +OPK & got my BFP this morning- can’t believe it. I was convinced I was coming on my period but the pains must of been implantation.
    I truly believe this plan works if you follow it as closely as possible.
    I’m 35yrs old & this is my 1st pregnancy.
    Thank you SMEP!!


    I tried this method and got pregnant. Currently 5+5 weeks with my rainbow..


    Me and my husband have spent 2 years trying to have our first baby, I’ve had 3 chemicals in the past and was under the impression that I couldn’t have kids. I have had fertility help for about a year and was honestly about to give up. I told my husband that we would do the sperm meets egg plan and we followed it to a T with opks. I took a test the day my period was due and also the day after. Both were negative, I was alittle disappointed to be honest. 4 days late for my period I took a test and it was still negative, but something didn’t feel right!! I waited until 8 days late and then tested and got a positive!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I cried in the bathroom before getting the strength to tell my husband. This morning I took a digital at 5 am and was so nervous, it read “yes+” and I feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders. This method works and I’m so happy, I will continue to use this for all my kids


    We tried the SMEP and it worked first time! We were ttc for 7 months before trying this. We BD’d for 3 days from positive OPK but we didnt bother to skip a day and give it one more go due to DH’s work and I was taking my temps so I new I had well and truly passed ovulation.

    I’m so excited that I finally got my BFP and really recommend giving SMEP a go! 🙂

    brown sugar

    After trying for two years to no avail, i gave the SMEP a try. first month of the SMEP i was preggers and my lil girl is 5months old now.

    i recommend it to anyone 🙂 and will definately use it in future


    I suffered a miscarriage early in the year. After undergoing a D&C, my husband and I were given the all clear to start trying again. After 5 months of trying (with clomid) with no success, we finally tried the SMEP. After one try with the SMEP we have a sticky little bean due in the Spring!


    I followed it by the book, took vitamins and bought Conceive Plus. Don’t know what exactly weighed in the most, but I’m now 5 weeks pregnant!


    I want to share my story to encourage others. I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks Feb ’17. After a couple of cycles to get over it and a few cycles of not trying/not preventing I read about the SMEP. So I bought OPKs and hubby and I followed the recommended times for sex. I found out I was pregnant on our second cycle trying. That’s 6 months after the miscarriage I am now 7 weeks and have seen a strong heartbeat. A little bit about me- I am 38 and have two sons almost 4 years old and almost 2 years old. Best wishes to you all.


    Ttc for 20 months, month 21, we tried the smep plan, first time, and i had a positive pregnancy test by 9dpo. Our son is 10 months old now.


    I typically don’t write online reviews etc but I had to share my experience. We had been trying for 6 months. On month 6 we used pre-seed and SMEP for the first time and just got a BFP! The whole process of trying to get pregnant is surprisingly stressful and I am still shocked that this worked for us the first cycle we tried it. I would definitely recommend giving it a try!


    I tried SMEP after 9 months & no success. We got pregnant in month 10 on our first try!! Turns out, I ovulated much earlier than I thought. Now I’m 21 weeks pregnant with a boy (my second) and feel so grateful! Thank you SMEP. Highly recommend.


    Our first pregnancy was a (happy!) surprise and we thought our second try would be just as easy. Well, we were wrong! After 3 months of TTC with no results, I happened upon this site and decided to give it a go. I had only been using a few apps to determine ovulation – no OPKs (now I know how silly that was!). Turns out I was ovulating DAYS later than any of the apps predicted. We followed the SMEP steps exactly and got our BFP 13 DPO. I definitely recommend giving this method a try! Nothing to lose!


    After 20 months of trying to conceive we had a miscarriage with a D&C. Following that loss i wanted to be pregnant again so badly and found the SMEP. We did the SMEP and on the 2nd cycle we were pregnant. The first cycle of trying SMEP I missed my ovulation date by a few days and therefore had stopped baby dancing several days too soon. The second month I used OPK from clear blue brand and followed the plan exactly as written and now I’m 5 weeks pregnant with my little peanut! Best of luck to everyone!


    We tried SMEP on our second month of TTC and it worked. Unfortunately ended in a chemical pregnancy, but tried again next immediate month and we are now pregnant again! Praying this one sticks!


    After TTC for 6 months and suffering a MC we were willing to try anything. Sceptical at first and daunted but we did it, BFP first go at the plan!!! Got our BFP at 10 days post op. What a miracle! If followed to the letter I truly believe this is the way to give yourselves the best chance possible! Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months and beyond!


    In April 2017 we decided to use the smep plan to perfection! It worked and we now have a beautiful boy who will be 6 months on Aug 1st!


    I have used SMEP twice successfully. The first time, I had a chemical after 3 months of trying and went on to conceive the next month.

    I conceived the second time after the first month of doing SMEP.


    We used SMEP during our second cycle of TTC and I am now 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant! We used OPKs and I measured by basal temp each morning. We BD’ed every other day from day 8 and for 3 consecutive days once I knew I was ovulating. Hooray!


    My husband and I waited a long time to decide to have children. Mostly because we both travel for work. So when we decided we actually wanted children I was already 40. After seeing a fertility specialist to check the quality and quantity of my eggs we were told to try naturally for 3 months but in January I should come back in and start IVF immediately. The doctor would’ve preferred to start right then but we were both going out of town alternately over the next 3 months. We made an appt for January 16th to come in and start treatments. We never came in for that appt. 😉 Due to our crazy schedules we missed Novembers ovulation but my husband was able to come visit me in December and we did SMEP. I returned home December 23 and took a pregnancy test on the 8th. Got a positive:). We called and cancelled the appt with the fertility doctor. And today we have an amazing lil girl. Thanks SMEP! Can’t thank you enough!


    Worked for us. First month of clomid and SMEP. Now we have a gorgeous three year old daughter. Took me a while to come back with my story. Thank you.


    Had a silent miscarriage after trying for 18 months, as you can imagine pretty devastated. Found this plan got pregnant first try. had a lovely 8lb 11oz girl 🙂


    I had been trying desperately for 7 months to get pregnant with our 2nd child and with endometriosis I was aware that it could take us a whole (although with our 1st child we conceived after 3 months). I had been recommend the SMEP by a mum on a fertility forum.On my 8th cycle I thought I’d give it a try. My period was one day late and guess what? Yep, a big fat positive pregnancy test today!!


    My husband and I tried for 10 months to get pregnant with our second child. We got pregnant the first month we tried this plan! Thank you!!


    OMG this really works!
    With our first child we ttc 4 months before we found this plan, followed it and got a bfp the second month. This time, thanks to smep, I got pregnant on the first try!


    I have been trying for 2 years, after 1year I got pregnant and unfortunately had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Been trying for a year since with no luck. A friend mentioned this to me so I thought I’d give it a try, as after so long it’s difficult to keep motivation! I am happy to say I got my positive this first month.


    3rd time TTC and tried the SMEP for the first time and got pregnant! Thank you! Just wanted to return the favor and share my story like so many others did for me!


    I had a miscarriage on labour day and was ready to hop back into the saddle. We waited one cycle and then with OPK in hand, followed this plan.

    I actually missed one day of BD and was convinced we were out but luckily, it still worked and I got my BFP that month! Definitely worth it, I can’t believe it worked the first time! Would recommend this to anyone.


    It worked the first month we tried SMEP!
    We followed the plan step by step.
    Got my BFP 3 days before my AF was due 🙂


    This plan worked for us the first cycle that we tried it! We had been TCC for 4 months before thing SMEP and we were getting frustrated and stressed because we felt like we were doing everything right and were timing it correctly. We followed this plan pretty much to a T. Turned out I was ovulating a few days later than I thought. Now we got our BFP and can’t wait to meet our baby!


    I have always had irregular periods and was under the impression it may take me a while to conceive. Once we decided we would try for a baby I started using OPKs to pinpoint my exact ovulation day along with pressed. We also decided to use the SMEP. I was sceptical at first, but I am proof this plan works. I have found out recently I am pregnant, after the first time of trying! I’m not saying it will guarantee your first time trying will be successful but it will definitely improve your chances! Good luck


    The first time we tried the SMEP it worked!!! Now, I can’t believe it but we are doing it again for baby number two!!!


    I never leave reviews, but wanted to say HUGE thanks to the creators of the website for providing such great tips and tricks that really work! We’ve been TTC for over 2 years unsuccessfully for baby # 1. We’ve done artificial insemiation earlier this year and were considering IVF as the next step. Nothing seemed to work until I came across this site. I got my first ever BFP after the 1st try of SMEP. Highly recommend to all!


    Unfortunately we had a miscarriage earlier this year. Our second month of trying we used the SMEP and fell pregnant first month!


    I’m 36 hubby is 37. We had been ttc our third child for 13 months with no luck. Had even tried several iui cycles. We decided to give the smep a try. It worked for us the very first time. We are now 11 weeks pregnant. We did also use soft cups and pre-seed. So very happy that this worked for us!


    SMEP works! I had my Implanon removed on April 28th, and we immediately started TTC. We were unsuccessful until we tried SMEP on the first day of my June cycle, June 13th. I followed the plan step for step. It’s now July 9th, and we have a positive!


    MC may 2015
    Started trying since Oct 2015
    Tried for 7 cycles with no luck
    Decided to use SMEP with DH
    CD 15 positive OPK
    BD every other day since CD 8
    BD on CD 15, 16, 17

    4 or 5 dpo cramp
    12 dpo tried hpt, bfn! Very disappointed
    Waited for AF
    Supposed AF showed up on. 15 dpo. But didnt
    Woke up middle of the night and test. Faint bfp
    Woke up next morning and test again got a bfp!

    Hopefully this little sticks all the way!!!


    I have used the SMEP twice and both times thank God it has worked!! I am soo happy that someone came up with this method it really works!! I recommend it for anyone who is trying to conceive a baby. Thank u sooo much is sooi worth trying it.


    My husband and I were TTC our last baby. I use OPKs and temping. We employed SMEP this month and the first cycle we are now expecting baby #4!!!


    My wife and I had been trying for 6 months for number 2, guessing when she would ovulate in her (irregular) cycles. We were overdoing it – but inconsistent. Sometimes we’d do it for 6 days then not for another 6. SMEP made sense because we used OPKs to actually see when things were happening, and doing it every other day was more sustainable! In the first month using the OPKs we saw a surge and that month she conceived. We are meeting our second child in June! SMEP works – a lot better than our haphazard approach!


    I followed SMEP and got pregnant the first month. I had been trying on and off for about 9 months and seriously trying for 3 months. I am in my late 30s and this is my first pregnancy.

    I have a 25 day cycle. I started on day CD6 then CD8, CD10, CD11 (positive OPK), CD12, CD13. I didn’t even do the extra day because I can see from temperature that I ovulated on CD12.


    After trying to get pregnant for 5 months and having one early miscarriage, I was desperate to conceive a child with my husband. I heard about SMEP and thought we’d give it a try-what did we have to lose? I got pregnant our second month of following the plan! When we decided we were ready to try for our second baby we immediately followed SMEP and got pregnant the first month! We were shocked, but thrilled! We now have two beautiful daughters (20 mo and 2 mo) and I know that we will use the Sperm Meets Egg Plan when we are ready to try for our third baby. Thank you for making our baby dreams come true quickly!

    Lisa Ruth

    This worked for me on the second month of trying!!!. I had a miscarriage trying for baby #2 and had been trying for a year before I came across the SMEP. Because of my age (40) we were beginning to think that was it for us, so even went to see a fertility specialist, and yes the tests came back with a very low AMH (2.2) and given a 5% chance of conceiving naturally. I was gutted walking out of that appointment. However we still followed the SMEP that cycle and bam got a BFP. I’m 8.5w and saw the heartbeat on an ultrasound this week….I’ve got everything crossed. Good luck ladies!


    I was trying for 6 months when I read about this method I decided to try it right away !
    It work the first time , I’m happily pregnant with my second one 10eeeks so far


    Worked the first month. Used with clomid, metformin and preseed.


    After 1.5 years of trying to conceive, temping and charting, and one heartbreaking miscarriage along the way, we were getting ready to throw in the towel and seek help from a fertility specialist. In a last-ditch attempt to conceive “au naturel,” we decided to give SMEP a shot, even though we were skeptical that it would help. One month (and many ovulation strips and Pre-Seed syringes) later, we got a positive pregnancy test! I’m 5 months pregnant now and I certainly think SMEP is worth trying, even if you’re skeptical–I’m not sure exactly what did the trick that last time around, but I certainly plan to use SMEP again if we have any trouble conceiving again in the future.


    My husband and I decided to try SMEP when trying for our first baby. We figured it would take a couple of months. We got pregnant the first month! I’m now happily 13 weeks pregnant with our first baby! It’s so simple but makes so much sense and works.


    It worked for us on the first month! We used the Amazon cheapie ovulation sticks and the pregnancy tests and had a 100% success rate! Baby boy is due this October! Thank you so much for this website and I hope it helps many other women as well!


    I had been ttc by myself for 3 cycles without success. I finally decide to try SMEP and add Pre-seed as well since my CM is near non-existent. First cycle trying this and BFP! I was honestly shocked and was shaking! I couldn’t believe how successful it was! I definitely recommend it to anyone!


    After ONE muthaf*&%in try?!?! Seriously? My husband and I had been trying for five months (we’re over 35) before I got pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried. The doctor suggested waiting three cycles before trying again, and we did. Then, using this plan ONCE, I got a + test today. That’s amazing.


    When I first began TTC, I kind of assumed it would be easy. I was young, healthy, with no clear reason for it to be difficult. Well, we tried for a year without success. Then I stumbled upon the SMEP. I’ve been pregnant three times in my life, each time on the first try using the SMEP. We tried the SMEP, and on the first cycle, I was pregnant! Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy at 6 weeks. A couple of months after the loss, we tried the SMEP again, and I was again pregnant on the first try! Nine months later, we welcomed our healthy, happy son. When we decided to add a second child, we used SMEP again, and once again, we had a BFP on the first cycle. My daughter was born, also healthy and happy, nine months later. I highly recommend the SMEP, and not just because it worked for me. I recommend it because it helps you actually see how your body is operating, rather than basing things on statistical averages. The SMEP helped me learn that I was actually ovulating closer to day 20 than day 14 of my usually 30-day cycle (I had short luteal phases, but was still able to have two normal pregnancies, as evidenced by my kids!). I always suggest people check out the SMEP when they are trying to conceive.


    After a year and 7 months of trying everything to concieve my 2nd child a friend told me about the SMEP so I thought I would give it ago I tried everything else didn’t think it would work but I was wrong it worked first time I tried it


    After a year of temp charting, OPK testing, finding out husband had poor sperm motility and trying to have sex at the right time, we came across this plan as it was a free book on my kindle!

    The first month didn’t go quite to plan as we work shifts and found it difficult to have sex on the right days.

    Next month we missed one of the BD days but hey presto it worked!!! 6 weeks pregnant now 🙂


    Tried normally the last two months with no success. This month, I used the FertilAid products, Pre-Seed, and SMEP and got my BFP!


    We had been trying for baby #2 for six months and were getting so discouraged. Baby #1 was conceived our first month so I thought something was wrong with one of us! We followed this plan nearly exactly last month and also temp’d every morning aaaaand success!!! Yesterday at 12 DPO I got two BFPs and will take another one next week just to confirm – but I’m pretty sure. I highly recommend temping as well as OPKing if you really want to pinpoint everything. My stupid phone apps were so wrong with predicting my ovulation – as much as 5 days off! Gah!


    I actually did not know about this even though this is what I did to conceive our first child.

    We had tried for two years to get pregnant, and I finally decided it would just never happen. I was young so I did not know about OPK‘s and such, but I did decided to BD every other day from the end of one period to the start of the next.

    That first cycle I did that, I conceived. I did get what I thought was my period, but it was implantation. I continued to BD every other day after it ended and couldn’t figure out why sex suddenly ended with me being super crampy. lol Found out a few weeks later!

    I’m trying this plan again, knowing the ENTIRE plan now, and knowing what OPK‘s are. lol I’ll be back to tell you if it works!


    We have been trying for months following a miscarriage 6 months ago with no luck. I finally decided to get really serious, did some research and came across this plan. It worked on the first try! And we missed the very last baby dance day (after the 3 in a row when you wait a day and BD one more time) because my husband got sick. I was stressing because of it but much to my surprise and delight I got my BFP this morning!!!


    My husband and I have been TTC for a few months and it just hadn’t happen. I have pcos and was concerned that I couldn’t get pregnant Then my DH found the SMEP plan and we got our BFP the first month we tried it!! We are due in Oct and couldn’t be more excited!! Thank you SMEP!!


    Tried SMEP in April 2013 after a m/c in January. The SMEP worked the first month. We now have a 12 month old son. We’re in our 2month of TTC #2. Reread the SMEP ( both DH and I). Crossing fingers we get it right this cycle.

    Finding that breastfeeding may be interfering with my luteal phase length.

    Highly recommend this plan. It works!!! Husband and I are in our 40s and we conceived naturally!


    I tried SMEP the first month after my husband and I decided to try for a baby. Followed it to the letter – one month was all we needed! I’m now 35 weeks pregnant, waiting for our little girl to make an appearance. Thank you so much SMEP!


    This method worked for us the first time. We tried our own way previously but our plan wasn’t well timed. These BD instructions are spot on. Fingers crossed that this pregnancy goes well. Will use this method again! <3



    After seven months of tcc, using OPK and bbt, finally I had my BFP just in the first month we try the SMEP!!

    I’m so happy! I recomend this “method” for all!!


    I just want to say that after losing our first pregnancy due to a missed miscarriage we were desperate to get pregnant again As soon as possible. We followed smep to the letter for one month and just got our bfp yesterday!!!! I’m a believer! ;-)))


    I had a miscarriage 6 months ago, and was feeling like i would never get pregnant again. The first month we tried smep, we didnt follow it exactly. After reading some smep reviews, we tried to follow the plan more closely. Two months later i got my BFP!!!!! So happy we stuck to it!!


    I followed the SMEP plan step by step and used Wondfo OPK strips we got on Amazon. I also used the Kindara app so that I could track everything and have easy access to it. My husband and I got pregnant on our first month of trying SMEP and now I am 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I was skeptical at first because I know so many people who struggled and took months/years to conceive but this really worked for us. I have told all my friends about it!


    We followed the smep to the letter and it worked first time!! We had previously been trying for 4 months since our miscarriage, I ovulated much later than day 14 even though my CM indicated I was ovulating on day 14.

    Our much wanted baby is due January 2nd 🙂


    I never leave reviews. But this one deserves one! I couldn’t believe it, but after two of my friends got pregnant first try I had to try it myself. And voila. First time! Thank you so much I couldn’t be happier!!!


    THIS PLAN WORKED!!! A little background. I am 27 and I have two children 10 & 8 from a previous marriage. I started TTC March 2013. Finally got a BFP in September 2013 only to have a mmc in October at 10 weeks. I had to have a D&C and told myself I would give it one more try. Truly thought it would happen right away being that you’re supposedly “more fertile” after a miscarriage. Said I wasn’t going to stress and whatever happened happened. Fast forward to March 2014 and AF showed up as usual, on day 34 of my cycle. I set a deadline for myself and said that I was going to really “try” on last month before calling it quits. I read about this plan, went and bought a clear blue digital ovulation kit, and was ready to go. I had no clue if I was even ovulating and no idea when since my cycles were about 34-35 days since the D & C. Started testing on day 10 and finally got a positive ovulation on CD18. We had sex that day, day 19, day 20, skipped a day and had sex day 22. Figured we had given it our all and continued to have sex every other day “just in case”. Low and behold, yesterday (11dpo) I got my positive!!! I could not be happier! I would recommend this to anyone who has had trouble. I would have tried this from the beginning if I would have known about it! Now just praying for a healthy and happy 9 months! Good luck ladies!


    We did it!

    This last month was the second time we tried the SMEP. This time we followed the plan to the letter. It was our last try before my scheduled laparoscopy in April. Well… I got my very first positive HPT this week at just 11 days past ovulation. And another positive HPT today. I can’t believe it! THANK GOD! Now we’re just praying for a healthy full term pregnancy. I’d recommend the SMEP to anyone.


    We were trying for a long, long time. We were about to start all the medically assisted stuff. I never thought I would want to do that, but I was so discouraged. Then I found SMEP. We added baby aspirin and cough syrup to our regimen.

    First month, and, voila! Now I’m almost eight weeks and feeling wonderfully tired, nauseated and bloated. My fingers and toes are crossed that this little bean sticks.

    So very grateful, thank you!!


    Someone told me about this method on the What to Expect App and so I thought we could give it a shot. It was our first month trying and couldn’t believe it worked so fast! I am so excited to be due November 1st. I used the FRER digital OPK test and worked like a charm. I attempted to track my temps on Fertility Friend app, but this method was so much easier. Thanks for sharing!!


    We used this method in August, the first month we decided to start TTC. Lo and behold, I took a pregnancy test a day or two before my expected period and got my BFP – couldn’t believe it only took one month! We were gearing up for the long haul.


    We tried SMEP and got pregnant in two months!!! I chose to use the plan because it wasn’t stressful at all… And it totally worked!!! I am due 8/11/15 and we are so excited!!!


    We just tried the SMEP this past month. Bought the Wondfo OPKs and hpts from Amazon. Worked perfectly. Got my BFP 15dpo and confirmed with a First Response Early Result.


    My husband and I have been ttc for more than a year now and in the last few months our Dr suggested we go for IVF. So a friend suggested we try SMEP. We thought ok….first time, didn’t quite manage the BD days right. Then last month when we had decided to go for IVF we thought, one last hurrah. We followed the plan to a T. Lo and behold….BFP!!!!!! Our Dr couldn’t believe we did it on our own..,,thanks to SMEP we are going to have our bundle of joy…we are now 5w4d!
    Baby dust to everyone trying…just keep at it!


    After two months of trying, I decided to ease up on the daily sex and try the smep. Worked on the first month trying using every other day sex and also mixing up positions! So happy!!


    Hi! We has been TTC for 8 months using a fertility monitor. We decided to stop using the monitor and try the SMEP plan as I had only just discovered it, I’m pleased to say it worked first time and I’m now 13 weeks pregnant! I totally believe it was this plan that helped us get pregnant! Thanks so much!


    It work omg it worked. I had ivf an it was failure an we also had tubal reversal last january an we have been trying almost a year . Not results no luck. An I am proud to say we are Pregnant an due June 05,2014..I have past on this to several lady freinds. Thank you from the bottom of are hearts…


    After trying for a baby for 13 months we fibally found out we got our BFP! Sadly at 7weeks we suffered a MMC. We wanted to try again right away. We lost our angel on 9/7/12 started using SMEP and got our next BFP 10/30/12! 9 months later our rainbow joined our family!


    Yes, this plan help me get pregnant, after 3 years of ttc, was not able to get pregnant and came across this plan first time I tried it religiously got pregnant and now we are blessed with a baby boy.


    I heard about SMEP from a period tracker app that I have been using since delivering my stillborn daughter in November of 2012. I had always had irregular periods so I of course was fearful that I would have to wait for months for my cycle to start again. On January 24th I was ecstatic that I started bleeding again. I immediately downloaded the app (recommended by a friend) and started tracking. The social function exposed me to a world of women who had been experiencing so many of the feelings I had been having. I read about SMEP and decided to give it a try. I ovulated 8 days later than I was supposed to… Those days testing and getting a negative test were killer.

    This last week I have been experiencing symptoms that I either talked myself out of or attributed to something else altogether. I was afraid to test thinking that even if I was pregnant if would probably be too early to tell. I was resigned to waiting until Saturday am since this would be 15 days after my OPK was positive (the day SMEP says to test). This morning (one day early, I know!) after hubby left the room to get breakfast I decided to just take a HPT with the understanding that if it wasn’t positive it was probably just early and if AF didn’t show I could test again in a week. As that strip was turning pink I kept thinking its gonna be super faint. I’m going to have to really squint to see it but even a faint line is positive. Well guess what? As clear as day it was positive!

    I can honestly say that SMEP worked like a charm. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You have made my dreams come true!