Wondfo Bad Batch Numbers

Below is a list of reported Wondfo bad batch numbers sorted by test expiration date. If you are seeing evaps, false positives, or have received defective pregnancy test strips from one of these bad batches, contact the seller.

Wondfo home pregnancy tests are super sensitive and therefore a favorite of early testers, however they are notorious for evaps and false positives. Early testers have reported pink and greyish evap lines at 5 minutes, lines from dipping in water, indents on the test strips, and no control line showing up at all. There are no known problems with Wondfo LH/OPK strips.

Wondfo Bad Batches

Lot# W0110632-3
Expiration 06/2013

Lot# WO110972-3
Expiration 09/2013

Lot# W01108109-3
Expiration 08/2013

Lot# W0111233-3
Expiration 12/2013